Nechtan Spotted-Horse

From Circle Of The Crone

Player: Scottie Braden

Character Name: Nechtan Spotted-Horse

Clan: Gangrel (Clan Status 1).

Covenant: Circle of the Crone (Covenant Status 2)

Location: Current Priscus of Clan Gangrel in Eugene, Oregon

Story that may have been heard

There once was a mortal who was born of the Cherokee Nation. His mother was raped by a white man. The Cherokee people did not accept him as their own. It is said that on the day of his birth, the Shaman of his Tribe said "He will find his freedom in Death."

They Named him Nechtan, as an insult, as the name had no meaning amongst a people whos names were meaningful. It was not until Nechtan was embraced that he felt that he belonged. And not until The Great Spirit showed him his path that he felt he knew his purpose. But even with a belonging and a purpose, it was not until he met another Kindred, who spoke to his heart of something he could no longer feel that he felt he would give all that he had. Only the Great Spirit had ever before moved him so.

So it was one night, when This other Kindred was placed into torpor by a pack of wild Zombified Cats that Nechtan chose to act in such a way as to risk his own stolen life. Racing down the street to find those who had taken her, he found himself confronted with two of these cats, of such great power that they overtook him almost immediatly. The battle ensued, and though Nechtan tried to fly away in bat form, they brought him down, Though he ran in Bloodhound form, they immobilized him on the ground, and though he melded with the Earth, they brought dogs who disrupted where he lay with a massive explosion.

Then in a moment quicker then time itself, he met his final death. It was not until some time later, as he opend his eyes, and realized the mystical ring he wore upon his finger that allowed him to sense the presence of diablerists, had become ash in his place.

The ring had spared him, but at what cost? A treasure he had not known he possesed. So he went into hiding. Later finding out that the other Kindred had been released. Communing wit the Great Spirits he had a vision.

A Ship at sea. Blood dripping from its sails. Falling upon a single man. The blood clothes him in robes, covers his head with a crown, slides through his hand, forming a scepter. Tyrany and sympathy radiates from this person. Fear and inspiration, despair and hope. So many conflicting feelings.

Til this day Nechtan is unsure of what the Vision means. But with each passing night he strives to maintin his ties to this world. Often tending his gardens, or lingering with his Cattle. His story does not end here, but yet, it is a crossroads which he must now face.

Other Stories

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